I was born in 1938, the son of a country parson. In this, I was fortunate in never having to argue against conventional fears and expectations, being permitted to regard vocation as life’s purpose.  My first love was music, and in a large country vicarage there was room enough for an ascetic regime of practicing.  But music was an unattainable desire.  The visual arts, however, have now proved themselves to be a family matter.  My art training included five years of practical study at Worthing and Leeds and after five years of teaching I had a second bite of the cherry as a mature student at the Royal Academy Schools, London.

My reactions to those things that excite me have always been extreme and constant and this, perhaps, is my talent. The deep-rooted impact of childhood amongst the Shropshire hills blossomed into an agonising love affair with mountains.  Since 1968 I have painted the elemental nature of Snowdonia, fugitive in all its moods.  It is a process of discovery more than a statement, questions complete without answers. I have managed to support myself and my family by this vocation – but luck has also had a hand in it.

My dream to become a painter came true because of the love of my wife, Judy.

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